Plot Is the Most Important Thing

…People possess certain qualities based on their nature, but they find happiness or unhappiness depending on what they actually do.

Therefore the goal of an actor on the stage is not to imitate character.  Character is instead a by-product of action.  Actions and plot are what a tragedy is about.  That is what matters.

The Length of a Story

Any beautiful object, whether an animal or anything else that has parts, must not only possess those parts in a proper order but also have an appropriate size or magnitude.  Because of this no animal can be beautiful if it is too small, since we would pass over it quickly, unable to observe it, or enormously large – say a thousand miles long – since we would not be able to observe and take in the whole thing all at once…

The time limits imposed by the circumstances of a particular theatrical performance or by the attention span of the audience are not really a concern of the art of writing.