Blogrolls are the best artifacts of the Early World Wide Web. Or Weird Wide Web if you like. As you would look at someoneโ€™s collection of books or vinyl, the same goes for blogrolls. It gives the reader, the digital wanderer, more avenues and alleyways (thank you Rancid) to discover.

I follow over 200 personal blogs in my RSS reader. Some people’s blogs I’ll read every post, some I’ll skim, some I keep to glance over post titles to see what is going in that person’s world.

I wish there was an easy way to keep a webpage in sync with the OPML file in my reader. The thought of manually keeping my blogroll in sync with my feed would be too time consuming. Though maybe it would be a fun project to post about 3-5 blogs I follow every week. Then again, I already share blogs and posts that interest me on my blog and it might be too redundant.

3 thoughts on “Show me your blogroll

  1. Just the mere thought of trying to assemble a list of my default apps gives me mild anxiety not worth the confronting. However, Iโ€™ve slowly but methodically been browsing that compiled list of participants looking for bloggers to follow. Which brings me to the subject of blogrolls.

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